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CASE STUDY: Longhill Health Centre remodelling makes best use of space

SERVICE: Project management & construction delivery

CLIENT: Community Health Partnerships (CHP) / GP Practices

SERVICE: Project management & construction delivery

CLIENT: Community Health Partnerships (CHP) / GP Practices


The Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) buildings were specifically designed to be flexible to accommodate future changes, meet the needs of building users and maximise efficiencies.

Longhill Health Centre needed to be remodelled to create more flexible working areas, as the landscape of how GP practices operate is changing and the space needed to meet their requirements.

GP practices have moved from smaller practices to much larger groupings and have become part of primary care networks which sometimes operate from several buildings.

Variation work carried out within live LIFT buildings needs to be completed with a dedicated approach to communications, involving all of the building users and ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.


A former dental waiting area within Longhill Health Centre was transformed into bookable clinical rooms, while extra capacity was created for an existing GP practise on the ground floor following recent practice mergers.

On the ground floor, an unused Practice Manager’s office and a redundant store was remodelled to create two extra clinical rooms. The artwork was also added to the reception and waiting areas to brighten the entrance for patients and visitors.

The health centre remained operational throughout the delivery of the project and areas where the work was taking place were segregated off to ensure disruption remained minimal.

Products were carefully selected to ensure longevity and value for money, and Sewell Construction was appointed to complete the work.


The reconfiguration work at Longhill was the latest in a string of remodelling works at LIFT buildings across Hull, including the Calvert Centre in West Hull and Wilberforce Health Centre in Hull city centre.

Citycare and Sewell Construction worked in partnership throughout the 8 week construction period to support all stakeholders and teams.

The scheme was delivered on time, on budget and without any accidents or defects.

More than 90% of the team were from the local area.


Insights overview