Working in partnership to manage health estates

Sewell Group’s consultancy businesses, Shared Agenda and Community Ventures, are working in partnership to deliver the Humber and North Yorkshire response to the national programme to produce estate strategies for every individual Primary Care Network (PCN).

Estates strategies allow each PCN to assess its existing estate against its vision, strategy and forecasted demand, identifying how much investment is required.

To do this, the consultancy companies will be using PCN Toolkits, designed by Community Health Partnerships and data mapping company Parallel.

The PCN Toolkit links into Parallel’s SHAPE data mapping tool, and collates data which is geographically specific to each area, such as information on buildings, how many rooms in a building, how many staff being recruited and number of staff overall.

It also measures patient population, prevalent conditions in the area and which clinics are tackling them, how the current estate suits the delivery of services, and more.

The Toolkit brings together the clinical and estates related data, and enables the teams to present findings in a clear format while also providing a consistent understanding and evidence base of their level of need across its estate, particularly when funding for particular areas becomes available and is distributed.

Caroline Havler, Senior Consultant at Shared Agenda, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Community Ventures to support the Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB) and ultimately help PCNs to be in the best possible position to improve their estates and clinical outcomes in the future.

“Having PCN level data will help ICBs make strategic decisions about priority projects for their local area based on sound evidence and a consistent approach.”

“This in turn will result in a better experience and buildings for patients and staff, as well as improved ways in which they access services in the most appropriate locations possible.

“We’re drawing on our years of collective estates strategy knowledge and building on our already strong existing relationships with NHS Partners to make this project a great success.”

Community Ventures, which Sewell Group invested in during 2021, develops, builds, and manages health and social care facilities across the north of England and the Midlands, as well as providing estates advisory services to the public sector and management services to several LIFT companies.

Shared Agenda is a specialist estates consultancy operating UK wide and working across health, education and other public sectors., The team has a broad complement of skills and expertise across its disciplines of operational estate management, strategic consultancy, project and programme management and developments & investments.

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