Unique analytical tool bolsters increased work with Primary Care Networks

Pioneering technology is enabling health partners across the country develop their Primary Care Network (PCN) estate strategies in a major programme of work to improve services for patients.

SHAPE, the data mapping tool developed by Parallel, provides an analytical evidence base which informs and supports the strategic planning of services and assets across the health sector. It helps providers and health care planners to understand how best to configure services to meet the needs of the local population.

Features include the ability to benchmark against other areas and look at things such as population demographics, location of GP practices and the make-up of staff within them to aid future planning.
SHAPE is playing a key role in understanding the future of PCNs to ensure services are located in the right place within communities to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Claire Harrison, Parallel CEO, said:

“SHAPE is the platform of choice for the NHS when it comes to decision making, and allows data to be displayed in a simple, digestible way to aid future planning, investment decisions and estate optimisation.

“One example of the work we’re doing is helping local systems and, in turn, the relevant PCNs, to look at whether they’re using their existing buildings efficiently or whether they need to expand.

“They have had to consider more digital appointments post-Covid and due to a shortage of GPs there are more support roles, and more staff require more space.

“This work helps in understanding where investment is required in premises and we’re very excited to work with the NHS, using this bespoke tool to achieve positive solutions.”