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Strategic Property Advice

Management and maintenance of any organisation’s estate is often the second largest cost after its people. These key areas play a critical role in enabling strategic transformation, while the cost efficiencies will have a major impact on your organisation’s long-term performance and sustainability. Our strategic property advice forms an integral part of service planning.

We offer respectful challenge to ensure that all avenues have been considered. With the recent acquisition of Parallel Data Intelligence, our advice is further informed by detailed mapping software, bringing together multiple data sets. This guarantees you have a robust plan to inform investments, disposals or changes to your estate.

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Put simply, we break this down into three main areas:

  • Where are you now? Together we look at your current position and performance to establish a baseline against which development planning can take place.
  • Where do you want to be? We review your estate requirements, including financial management and the rationalisation of space, hand in hand with your service ambitions, to produce a realistic estates strategy.
  • How do you get there? The strategy is then transferred into a deliverable framework which the organisation can review annually, giving clear operational direction and enabling performance management every step of the way.
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Shared Agenda is looking at potential options to assess what is best value and the best way forward for patients. Shared Agenda are very professional and it has been a smooth process so far.

Neil Folwell GP Partner at The Medical Centre
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