Project & programme management

Whether you’re looking to deliver a new facility or make changes to your existing estate we have extensive experience in providing project management services for a range of public sector clients.

As an extension of your team we can manage the project from inception through to handover; ensuring stakeholder management, contract administration and leadership at every milestone.

Our services also include programme management, cost management and acting as Employer’s Agent on your behalf.

Site searches

You’ve got a plan for expanding and improving your estate, but what next? We can help you find a new property or place to build, allowing you to get your project underway in the knowledge that you’ve chosen the best site. 

We’ll review all available existing properties and land on the market, providing a headline analysis on how they’ll suit your needs so you can identify the way forward. 

Site suitability assessments

When choosing a new site, there are a lot of factors to consider, and making the wrong decision could be costly and damaging to your organisation. 

We’ll understand what you want to get out of your new site, shortlisting options through factors including condition surveys, background, planning implications, technical services, transport restrictions and environmental concerns. 

This gives you all the relevant information in one place so you can make a valid, evidence-based decision. 

Feasibility studies 

It’s important to explore whether a proposed project is achievable before you begin, so our feasibility studies are the ideal way of ensuring you’re aware of all possible benefits and downsides of a scheme so you can make an informed decision on whether to go ahead. 

We can provide an external perspective, objectively appraising whether a project will really work, and allowing those close to the project the benefit of an outsider’s view. 

We’ll complete a full review of any proposed projects to determine their potential viability from strategic, financial, technical and practical standpoints, giving you the ability to decide whether they’re worth progressing. 

The outcome of the process is presentation of multiple alternatives which you may not have considered, highlighting a recommended way forwards. 

Master planning

Got a project that needs support getting going to clearly articulate your vision and aspirations 

We can work with you to understand your unique drivers and develop a long-term plan and framework that encapsulates your broader vision and strategy and sets out a clear road map to deliver just that.  

Our team will bring on the board the right expertise to respond to your vision – and support you in putting in place the step by step plan to get you there, linking you up with other organisations who have the same interests and aspirations.  

Design and professional team procurement and management 

When you’re planning a project, you want the best professional team on board – designers, architects, engineers and surveyors. But how do you know which company will have the greatest expertise and vision for your particular project? 

We’ll review available specialist design team partners, identifying who will be most suitable for your job whilst ensuring value for money. 

Once procured, we’ll actively manage the complex technical teams, keeping them on track and making sure they deliver outputs on time and on budget – a key factor in your project’s success. 


Complex programmes often have multiple branches of projects, all competing for resources, budget and time. 

We’ll assess your programme and identify your key requirements, setting out milestones, details and dependencies, recommending optimal and realistic sequences, and providing a pathway to success. 

Contract management and administration 

Managing contracts is a highly specialised skill, and it’s one we’re experts in. 

Instead of tacking contract control onto an internal department, you can achieve substantial savings by allowing our experienced professionals to manage your contracting process. 

We can support, negotiate and deliver contracts for your project or programme, monitoring throughout to guarantee successful contractor delivery. We’ll supervise through the full process, including overseeing performance, changes and financial management. 

We can also provide value for money assessments of contract sums, and any additionally agreed works, ensuring you’re always confident you’re getting the optimal return on your spend. 

Our team have experience in multiple industry standard contract forms such as JCT and NEC, as well as client’s own bespoke arrangements. We also have several members of the team who are NEC4 accredited contract managers and the whole team are experienced in new ways of working such as the use of electronic contract management tools.

Programme Management Office 

Every major project or programme needs an engine room behind the scenes – collating and analysing a wide range of data – to support the leadership team to make effective decisions and monitor progress.

We are experienced in setting up and managing PMO’s for a wide range of complex programmes.

Let us guide you through the process – including contractor procurement and performance monitoring, creation of governance systems and reporting mechanisms and data gathering and analysis templates.

Post Project Evaluation 

Once a project is complete, you need to understand if it was a success, and how you can improve in future. 

We’ll complete an honest, impartial and unbiased evaluation of your project, obtaining feedback from stakeholders at all levels and gathering information useful to all involved. 

We can highlight lessons that can be learned from the project, enabling you to continually improve your processes and procedures in future. 

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