Developments and investments

Our development and investments advice brings together our wide-ranging expertise, to help you from inception right through to operational delivery. From land acquisitions to planning applications and funding solutions, our development management team can help you achieve your transformation strategy.

We start by understanding your objectives and the business case for the reconfiguration of your existing estate or new facilities, which support any funding applications and the statutory approvals process. We’ll undertake a feasibility study, appraisals for different site options and engage all your stakeholders from the start to give your scheme the maximum chance of success through the planning journey.

We can manage the development on your behalf through the procurement and construction phases too, using your capital funds or released asset value as contribution, or we can support you in sourcing investment finance. Using the latest technology, we ensure cost accuracy, design deliverability and put everything in place for your building’s long-term sustainability

Financial and economic modelling

We’ll work with you to understand your current financial landscape, then build a financial model to suit your investment objectives.
This is a fundamental and essential element of a successful business case and getting your development off the ground.
We’ve had experience in developing everything from simple financial appraisals to comprehensive investment appraisals for sectors such as health, education and commercial.

Development advice and management

We’ve got extensive experience of advising and managing your full development process, from your initial idea to running your development as an operational asset.

Our in-house team would lead the process, managing all the critical development such as land, planning, finance, legal, design, construction and stakeholder management.

We can lead on projects of varied sectors and scopes, with our experience including health, education, and major mixed-use regeneration schemes.

Land acquisition

We can help you identify the land you need, assess its suitability for your project and lead you through the process of securing it.

This can involve anything from maximising the use of your current land, to creating large new development sites.
We’re experienced in leading masterplan developments and assembling complex sites from multiple land owners.

Procurement advice

Procurement can be a complex process, especially for public sector organisations. We can support you to work through exactly what you need to procure, suggesting options for procurement routes and advising which is best for your project.

We’re experienced in procuring professional services such as architects, designers and engineers, and construction contractors, through a variety of channels such as frameworks, multi-stage tenders and contract forms, including NEC4, JCT and bespoke contracts.

Funding advice

We can help you identify and source the most appropriate types of funding for your project, whether that’s writing a business case for public sector capital or approaching the funding market for private investment. We’re highly experienced in identifying traditional and capital routes, plus sourcing innovative finance routes and models which you may not have previously considered.

We’ll identify your organisation’s priorities, looking at what’s most important to you from funding, and how we can ultimately ensure delivery of your project.

Feasibility studies and development appraisals

If you’re already underway with a project, or just considering an idea, we can conduct an experienced, independent and objective assessment to help you determine a project’s viability and deliverability.

We’ll consider all key elements of the project, such as planning, legal issues and financials, assess the risks associated with all these elements, and help you develop a practical plan to ensure your project meets its stated aims.

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