Redesigning mental
health services

Shared Agenda are working with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to develop a Pre-Consultation Business Case (PCBC) that looks at how adult mental health inpatient services are delivered across the region.

The study identifies current challenges with the way services are delivered, against a backdrop of rising national demand and workforce pressures, and evaluates potential options for how services could be delivered in the future.
The purpose of the PCBC is to give NHS England and local stakeholders assurance that the Trust has evaluated all potential options before any change is proposed, and that the impact of this on service users has been given sufficient consideration.

The work includes staff and patient engagement sessions to ensure that current and former staff members, service users, their families and carers are involved in co-producing a solution to deliver local services that meet their needs.

Lynn Parkinson, Chief Operating Officer and SRO for the project, said:

“Our core objective is to deliver redesigned inpatient services that will enable sustainable, high-quality, person-centred care to be provided to our patients in safe environments, for the long term.

“It is clear that the needs of our local population are changing, with a rising trend of more complex mental health needs.

“We are continually reviewing our clinical model to better reflect best practice and introduced a trauma informed approach, which has resulted in a new community care model to help ensure people can access the right help, at the right time. The subsequent need for the inpatient model to evolve in response has become evident.

“Shared Agenda are supporting us with this vital piece of work, that sits alongside our estates planning, to develop a business case that examines how services could be delivered in the future and our best options for achieving our goals, in partnership with key stakeholders, staff and patient groups.”

Nikola Idle, Associate Director at Shared Agenda, said:

“This PCBC work builds on our existing relationship with Trust, having previously supported the development of capital business cases to improve the adult inpatient estate.

“Our role in the scheme is to help the Trust put forward a strong case for change, which evidence their current challenges – amplifying the feedback from staff and service users – and documents their suggestions for service improvement and how stakeholders feel about the proposed options.”
The completed PCBC will be put forward for review by local commissioning bodies later in the year, and if approved, will become the basis for a formal public consultation on any proposed changes before a further, Decision Making, Business Case is produced.

Shared Agenda offer Pre-Consultation Business Case support for service transformation projects to ensure that any proposed change is evidence based and that the potential impact on service users has been fully considered and measured against the benefits.