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SERVICE: Estates Strategy & Planning
CLIENT: North Lincolnshire Council


North Lincolnshire Council required an informed review of how the proposed new housing allocation for the area, which will be put forward in the new Local Plan, may affect the requirement of healthcare accommodation in the future. Previously the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was asked for its comments on proposed planning applications for housing developments on a case by case basis.

However, a more proactive approach was required. Shared Agenda was chosen to complete the analysis work due to its existing local relationships, sector expertise, and innovative approach to data collection and analysis.


The Shared Agenda team developed relationships with the council and brought the local CCG on board before carrying out a requirement analysis to determine areas of the greatest needs for additional healthcare. The work helped to identify the number of additional clinical rooms required to meet future demand, as well as estimated build cost to establish the level of funding needed.

It resulted in a robust evidence base produced in support of the new Local Plan. This kind of approach is not generally applied for the benefit of health facilities provision and this new service was informed by Shared Agenda’s specialist health sector knowledge and expertise, which extends beyond buildings and into fields of workforce modelling and service planning.


A robust evidence base was created in support of the Local Plan to set out requirements for the future.

The council and CCG worked collaboratively and Shared Agenda checked the approach and processes followed were appropriate for this type of analysis, so the method could be
upon again in the future if needed.

Shared Agenda also came up with a way of calculating how much a developer may be asked to contribute to schemes of this nature, which offers the client an informed way of how to approach this element of the process.

Insights overview