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SERVICE: Estates & Facilities Management
CLIENT: Community Health Partnerships

A holistic Centre Management service was required to manage tenant engagement, property management and asset maximisation. The service provides one local point of contact for building matters; streamlines processes and procedures and improves space planning.

The complicated NHS structure is confusing to tenants in terms of who is responsible for what and who they need to contact.

Tenant’s immediate Landlord is CHP, who are not locally based. Historically they have used NHS Property services as their property agent to provide local contact, however there have been issues with consistencies and accurate record keeping.

Lack of resource, poor systems, records and information have led to loss of income in terms of cost recovery for bookable rooms. Chargeable rooms were been used without authorised bookings, which meant that users were not been billed for. Our estimates are that around double the space that is currently being paid for under the new regime was reserved for non paying customers previously.

Shared Agenda already provide additional facilities management services to CHP including building management and front of house provision, so it was a natural progression to develop the service to deliver an all-encompassing Centre Management service for no extra cost.


Careful consideration was given to the current agreements in place and how these could be utilised to provide a revised service offer.

The team have worked collaboratively with CHP and other stakeholders to develop the proposal. A series of discussions took place to ensure all requirements were incorporated.

To help CHP find an affordable, deliverable solution, Shared Agenda and our supply chain have taken a very flexible approach to revising our service offer.

As well as formal communications, such as regular tenant meetings, we are available for informal communications with tenants as required, and being based locally means we can easily visit tenants.

An important aspect for CHP was to have a dedicated Centre Management helpdesk telephone line, for building management related issues. We have established a separate line for building management issues, which replaces the various individual contacts tenants would have previously used.

The Centre Management service is made up of 4 key elements, as listed below, which is bespoke to the client. Dependant on the specific requirements, some or all of these elements can be provided as part of the Centre Management package.

• Tenant liaison
• Building Manager
• Front of House
• Boosted mobile maintenance services.


After undertaking a due diligence exercise to gather an accurate information base, we established new systems and procedures to operate the new service. A dedicated team with specific duties was put in place and a phased mobilisation of the service was undertaken.

A series of visits, training sessions, leaflet and email communications have been used to explain and give guidance to tenants on the new service.

Regular contract reports are provided to the client, which report on performance against the agreed KPIs to ensure a high level of service delivery is sustained.

All of this has been delivered at zero extra cost to the customer.

Insights overview